Werner Trainer Craps Himself

This has to be one of the most sad but amusing trucking stories I have ever in my life read.. The werner tainer who shits himself. http://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/report-a-bad-trucking-company-here/39618-werner-trainer-craps-himself.html

computers suck.

So been working on the machine a bit. The controller is well it's a PC running Debian Linux OS with SVXLINK repeater controller with echolink support. All was well until drive failed.. Well needless to say the tiny form factor pc I had been using don't seem to like the drive. It is just a touch to big and well the HDD power cable gets pinched up [...] Read more

Snow and Cold

So it appears Monday night into Tuesday we are going to get about six inches of snow... Oh joy just what we need. But it gets better Wed night into Thurs morning lows will be about minus 10. Why can't we just have a nice mild winter without this cold and snow shit?

ham tadio dating?

http://forums.qrz.com/showthread.php?462632-ham-tadio-dating What the fuck is this shit? What the fuck is a tadio? Yeah I know he meant to say radio but still WTF ham radio dating? seriously? Like that many single decent looking females are into ham radio.... dafuq is that dude smoking?


Well as everyone can see I have changed things. What am I going to do with this place? Who da fuck knows. Maybe I will post pictures of wackers, or just make fun of dumbshits I hear on air. But I shall do something..... or maybe nothing. wat?


Dance Dance Mandarinki