Repeater Stuff

So I got a few things to do with the machine, 1st receiver is really deaf, so it don't hear quite as well and echocrap is firewalled, won't accept incoming. So hope to get this crap fixed very soon. Just waiting on parts to fix the receiver so when I have it all, I can do it all in one single trip.

Repeater Update

its online from just southeast of Anderson, Full power. la-de-da. so its up quit bitching about it.

Ask Steve.... Long Haul Trucker

This is funny as hell.

N9OGL following in the footsteps of Hal Turner

Well, N9OGL the guy with the little girl fantasy has decided to post on his "blog" that I needed to be shot. Guess what Todd? that didn't work out to well for another guy by the name of Hal Turner. See ol' Hal decided to post on his website that some fed judge needed to be shot. Turner ended up in Fed prison for that one. Don't drop the soap Todd! [...] Read more

Russian word of the day.

Today's Russian word of the day is Пизда pronounced: piz-dah in English: cunt (vulgar) Example N9OGL is a Пизда (piz-dah) So folks remember the Russian word of the day Пизда

A hour of N9OGL ranting about hams

N9OGL has got to be the screwist son of a bitch I have heard in a long time. OMG this is amusing and sad at the same time. HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Yes this is the same N9OGL who I have on that youtube vid with him screaming "I WAS HEAR FIRST, FUCK YOU! I WAS HERE FIRST" Oh it gets so much better, not only is this guy a mentally defective loon, he seems [...] Read more

Можете ли вы читаете это?

Мне просто интересно, если вы можете прочитать это. Многие зададутся вопросом, что это такое, кто-то знаю, но не понимаю, другие поймут. Теперь, если вы можете понять это пожалуйста, рюмку водки сейчас.

Well now...

So this is a nice quip from the Indiana ARRL Newsletter. I am glad I got ringside seats for this one, hey pass the popcorn. Anyway so a few guys locally are having a wild time on 146.52 and oh my are they stiring up controversy. Here is the ARRL Newsletter for Feb last page In Closing One of the ARRL’s missions is to promote the enjoyment of [...] Read more

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