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Welcome to the 441.975 Repeater

Currently the 441.975 repeater is offline. The building process has started. Things we have to do first listed below. RETURN SHOULD BE SOMETIME IN 2014! Click the donate button on the right and it will return faster. And it would at least give me incentive to move a bit faster.

IRC Coordination. Done 2/28/14
Tune Duplexer. - work in progress
Get GE ICOMS (Channel Elements) re-crystaled.Sent out 6/27/14 - Done 7/16/14
Retune GE Mastr II to our new freqs. - work in progress
Hook everything up for a test at the shop.
Install repeater at the NEW repeater site.

Things are moving just a bit slow we are busy and only have a day once and awhile to work on the machine.